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Abigail Boucle Lounge Chair

Abigail Boucle Lounge Chair

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Craft a serene retreat in your living space with the Abigail Boucle Lounge Chair, a piece that marries the art of Nordic design with the comfort of modern living. This chair is not merely a sitting place; it's a sanctuary for relaxation, a statement of style, and a tribute to craftsmanship.

Product Description for the Abigail Boucle Lounge Chair

  • Brand: A selection that transcends ordinary design, offering a unique statement piece.
  • Model: Abigail Boucle Lounge Chair – a representation of classic Nordic elegance with a contemporary twist.
  • Material: The foundation is a robust and sturdy metal frame, designed for both stability and longevity.
  • Metal Material: Selected high-grade metals, crafted to ensure both strength and grace.
  • Style: Nordic by nature, it offers a clean, minimalist aesthetic that brings calm and sophistication to any interior.
  • Color Classification:
    • Black lamb velvet with a sleek white foot, embodying a bold contrast that speaks to modern sensibilities.
  • Gross Weight: Weighing in at 7 kg, indicative of the quality materials and solid construction.
  • Filling: The chair is filled with high-elastic foam sponge, providing a perfect balance of support and comfort, ensuring it's as cozy as it is resilient.
  • Customization: This piece is presented in its ideal design, without the option for customization, ensuring that each chair maintains the designer's original vision.
  • Origin: Crafted with pride in Guangdong Province, in the well-known district of Shunde, Foshan City.
  • Assembly: Delivered fully assembled, ready to be enjoyed without delay.
  • Packing Volume: 0.8, ensuring secure and compact packaging for safe transit.
  • Transportability: Yes, designed with the convenience of being easily transportable by car/taxi, so it can swiftly become part of your home.
  • Style Positioning: Artistic style – this chair is a functional work of art, providing an immersive experience both visually and in comfort.

The Abigail Boucle Lounge Chair is a masterpiece of design, featuring a deep black lamb velvet that invites touch with its textured, curly surface. The generous large size backrest and spacious seat cradle you in unparalleled comfort, while the high-resilience foam ensures that the chair retains its shape and support over time.

Sturdy metal legs with a four-flat and eight-stable footpad design provide peace of mind with their non-slip, floor-protecting properties. The three-dimensional structural integrity of the chair guarantees a stable and secure seating experience.

This chair is a beautiful blend of functional design and luxurious comfort, with large lamb velvet cushions and thick armrests that combine to create a welcoming nook in your home. Whether positioned in a cozy corner, a dynamic living room, or a peaceful bedroom, the Abigail Boucle Lounge Chair stands out as a centrepiece, offering both visual intrigue and a warm embrace.

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