Ciara Coffee Table Set

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Ciara Coffee Table Set - Whole House Matching Designer Recommendations

  • Elegance Redefined: Crafted for a serene and healing life, the Ciara Coffee Table Set in cream exudes comfort and style. Perfect for those who value understated luxury.

  • Superior Craftsmanship: Each panel is meticulously crafted from dense board, featuring a semi-matte 4C paint finish. The constant temperature baking process ensures a flawless, long-lasting surface.

  • Robust and Eco-Friendly: Embracing sustainability without compromising on strength, the use of eco-friendly paint over dense board construction ensures durability.

  • Innovative Storage Solution: A fusion of large capacity and fine solid wood, the storage drawer is designed to conceal clutter with elegance. The high-quality piano paint finish elevates the overall aesthetic.

  • Health and Safety Priority: Our furniture is crafted with your family's health and safety in mind, ensuring peace of mind alongside style.

  • Unobtrusive Design: The Ciara Coffee Table sits comfortably at a height that doesn't obstruct your view, ensuring a seamless visual experience in your living space.

  • Designer's Vision: The design team at Ciara focuses on material analysis and meticulous detail control, ensuring each table is a masterpiece of high-quality solid wood with a skin-friendly and delicate finish.

  • Dimensional Accuracy: Each piece of furniture is handcrafted with precision, though a slight dimensional variation of 3~5CM may occur due to the nature of handmade items.

  • Simplistic Luxury: Ciara tables are not just furniture, they are space-saving magicians with ample storage, designed to enhance your living room without overwhelming it.

  • Maintenance Ease: The tabletop's skin-friendly material is not only pleasing to touch but also resists spills and is easy to clean, ensuring a pristine surface with minimal effort.

  • Generous Storage: Thoughtfully designed with open storage and a large drawer, the coffee table set offers classified storage options to keep your space tidy and harmonious.

  • Environmental Commitment: We believe in being kind to the planet, which is why our tables use quality environmentally friendly boards that are robust and easy to clean.

For a living space that speaks volumes about your taste while catering to the practicalities of daily life, choose the Ciara Coffee Table Set — where simplicity meets generosity.

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