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Dyson Vacuum Stand and Rack

Dyson Vacuum Stand and Rack

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Dyson Vacuum Stand L500 (2nd Generation)

Innovative Cable Concealment

  • Features a continuous line collection design on the back to visually hide cables.

Efficient Charging and Storage

  • Allows storage while charging the vacuum cleaner without the need for disassembly. Just lift and place it on the stand for an upright charge.

Dual Main Head Storage

  • The base partition board’s clever design utilizes space efficiently, allowing room for an additional main head accessory.

Perfect Original Match

  • Developed to complement the original, the stand’s deep and sophisticated style integrates seamlessly with the vacuum cleaner, enhancing both aesthetics and practicality.

Designed with Care

  • Equipped with a bottom anti-slip pad for sound insulation, shock absorption, and wooden floor protection.
  • The fully rounded corner design provides thoughtful protection.


  • Product Name: Vacuum Cleaner Stand L500 (2nd Generation)
  • Color: Samurai Black
  • Size: 220x295x1306 mm
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
  • Storage: Vertical

Note: Dimensions may vary by ±2mm due to measurement or installation methods.


  • Three-dimensional storage beauty, all aluminum alloy construction.
  • No drilling required for installation, ensuring no damage to walls.
  • Combined storage and charging with a 50 storage buckle for precise placement.
  • An integrated all-aluminum frame with a large panel ensures a stable connection.
  • Increased net weight by 33% for improved stability.
  • Professional adaptation for a wide range of vacuum cleaners, not just Dyson.


  • Dyson series
  • Puppy T10, T11, T12 series
  • Dreame V8, V9, V10 series
  • Xiaomi 1C, Xiaomi 2
  • Lake Jimmy CJ55, CX5, C83 series
  • PHILIPS FC6722 series

Designed to fit snugly against the wall, allowing placement according to preference and ensuring a tidier space.

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