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Penny Cabinet

Penny Cabinet

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Product Overview

Introduce a blend of simplicity, modern elegance, and functionality into your home with the Penny Cabinet. Crafted from high-quality artificial board with an art pattern, this cabinet combines durability with a sleek, modern aesthetic. Available in versatile color classifications including white, black, and with options for a black or white bedside table, it caters to various home decor styles. Designed with a frame structure and featuring four spacious buckets, this no-assembly-required piece is a testament to convenience and style.

Key Features

  • Versatile Use: Perfect as an open display stand or as an added storage solution. Ideal for showcasing books, bottles, and decorative items, enhancing your living space's visual appeal.
  • Smart Storage Solution: Features a cabinet height of 1.1m with high-frequency items easily accessible at the upper level, minimizing the need for bending and making items easily reachable.
  • Innovative Design: Includes a buffer slide rail for smooth operation without noise, and an exhaust guide fixed side design to prevent items from falling.
  • Safety Priority: Equipped with an anti-tipping device to ensure stability and safety, especially in homes with children or elderly individuals.

Product Specifications

  • Model: 230269YPX-WRT
  • Material: Artificial board
  • Style: Simple and modern
  • Color Options: White, Black (plus matching bedside table options)
  • Customization: Not available
  • Applicable Objects: General
  • Number of Drawers: 4
  • Furniture Structure: Frame structure
  • Assembly: Not required


  • Overall Size: 65cm x 40cm x H110cm

Safety Warning

For homes with children or the elderly, the installation of an anti-tip device is strongly recommended to prevent tilting and ensure safety.

Customer Care & Warranty

  • Self-Assembly: Products require self-assembly. Assistance is available upon request.


  • Product dimensions are subject to a manual measurement error of ±3cm.
  • Actual product color may vary due to factors like shooting technology and display settings.
  • Logistics and delivery specifics will vary by region and product.

Embrace simplicity and modern functionality with the Penny Cabinet – your stylish storage solution.

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